Aamu Song



ALEX ARKHIPOVSKY – A Russian sensational balalaika virtuoso.

“I have never seen something like this; kind of folky, funky, crazy, face-y, free, happy and energy-y. I’m already hooked on him on YouTube.”

” REGNE, AMOUR…” – Baroque meets contemporary music in Musiikkitalo

“I once asked if there is anyone like Anna-Mari Kähärä in the male singing world, and the most given answer was Topi Lehtipuu. Finally I get to go and see him with great company playing in my city.”

GEWANDHAUSORCHESTER LEIPZIG – The world’s oldest still active orchestra

“I sometimes need this kind of luxury musical shower that I could get cleanness to go.”



Aamu’s thoughts on Helsinki Festival

“Helsinki Festival changes my daily routine into a venue. It is so luxurious and easy.

Going to a concert is like a little ritual for me. Together with a bunch of newly met people, we sit quietly and share the moment. Soundful air runs through the audience as we stay still and quiet. It’s like sharing a secret moment that cannot be copied ever again. The highlight of this ritual is the applauds – finally we make sound together. I love to see the big smile of a hard working musician. I once got blood on my palms applauding so eagerly. It was after a concert by Meta4 with Bengt Forsberg.

I love when a performer wears something like woolen sweater or cotton shirt, instead of a tight suit. Otherwise I like them wearing something that perfectly fits the music and the space – like Madonna often does.”


Aamu is a Korean-born designer living in Finland. Aamu and Johan Olin form a design team called Company. In 2010 they won the State Prize for Design.