Debutants 2012

In the Debutants series, Helsinki Festival in collaboration with Elisa, showcases a group of highly talented artists on the cusp of their professional breakthrough, drawn from the festival programme.


Kalle Lehto

Kalle Lehto, from the worldconquering Finnish contemporary circus group, Race Horse Company, now takes to the stage in front of audiences of children. In his solo performance he has an imaginative conversation with the most peculiar animal characters. Lifeless characters are magically brought to life and take the stage with him.

Kalle Lehto performs in “Circles”





Eva & Manu

Eva & Manu, the duo by Finnish Eva Louhivuori and French-Spanish Manu Laudic, is another one of 2012’s debuts. The organic folk-duo makes exception- ally beautiful music out of simple ingredients.

Eva & Manu performs in Huvila´s opening night.